Wowww... Seorang guru dapat uang cuma-cuma Rp.9,8 Trillium?

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A teacher in India, was shocked get money amounting to 9.8 billion U.S. dollars in his bank account.

Parijat Saha, did not think his account swelled fantastically, before he had only 200 U.S. dollars in the account.

If you see the amount of salary received as a teacher parijat each month, which is 700 U.S. dollars, was not perhaps billions of dollars of money that goes into the account came from there.

"On Sunday night, when I check my bank balance on the internet, I estimate fewer than 10,000 rupees ($ 200)," said parijat, who lived in the town of Balurghat, quoted by the BBC on Thursday (1/19/2012) .

When he saw that the fantastic amount in his account, had made glaring parijat claim made.

"I called a friend at the bank and joking, perhaps abundant money in your bank, that's why the system you have to deposit so much money into my account," he said.

Therefore, parijat, mysterious money back into the State Bank of India (SBI), but bank officials are not able to comment, related to the money that their origins are unclear.

Subhashish Karmakar, bank branch manager who has the motto "Safe Banking with SBI", reluctant to explain why the sum of these billions could go into parijat account.

"I can not comment on the issue," he said.

SBI bank's regional headquarters in Calcutta and the national office of the bank in Mumbai, is investigating and find out why it happened. (bbc)

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So... What do you think....??? If it's you who got $9,8??? should you tell you to the officer???

Just give you comment.....

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